Precision Lasik

Atlanta Lasik Surgery Testimonials

Seeing Atlanta Clearly

“I didn’t know if I was a candidate for Lasik surgery until I met with my doctor in Atlanta. One eye exam later and I had an appointment for surgery within three weeks. Now I’m seeing everything clearer than every before. Thank you!”

- Krista, 38, Dunwoody, GA


Freedom From Glasses

“After wearing glasses for 20 years, I can’t express the sense of freedom I feel from tossing away my eyeglasses and never having to worry where I put them down. I can’t believe I waited so long to undergo this procedure.”

- Mark, 33, Peachtree City, GA


Feel Like the Real You

“I used to think that my glasses were stylish but I never knew the confidence that I would gain just by getting rid of glasses. I feel like people are seeing the real me again and not just staring at my glasses. ”

- Valerie, 29, Suwannee, GA


Lasik Made Easy

“It was so easy that I couldn’t believe. I had an astigmatism and thought Lasik wasn’t an option, not to mention the cost. I was glad to find out I was wrong. I had surgery a month ago and it was the best decision I’ve ever made and cost me far less that I had thought. Now I can see without glasses ”

- Trisha, 27, Atlanta, GA


Stop Struggling With Contacts

“I had struggled with hard contacts for years. Playing sports was almost impossible and I was constantly on my hands and knees searching for my lost contacts. Now I can see without contacts. No more worrying, no more contacts! ”

- Patrick, 39, Athens, GA


Surgery Made Quick and Easy

“The word surgery scared me a bit but my doctor was so nice and reassuring that I knew I was making the right decision. The surgery lasted less than 30 minutes and I was back to work the next day! That’s the kind of surgery that I can handle. ”

- Brandy, Marietta, GA, 42


Friendly Staff and Great Results

“I found a local Atlanta Lasik surgeon who cared about my eyes and my vision. The staff was so friendly and kept me informed through every step of the procedure. My husband and I are so happy with the results!”

- Paula, Dunwoody, GA, 35


Superior Lasik Service Without a Hitch

“From my initial visit all the way through my surgery, I was treated like a king. I was always a little scared of doctors and hospitals but this was a totally different experience. My only regret is that I didn't get the surgery sooner.”

- Bobby, Midtown Atlanta, GA, 33


No More Nearsightedness

“ I had struggled with nearsightedness for several years. I had tried contacts and glasses over and over but I just never felt comfortable. 30 minutes of surgery and now I'm seeing clearly for the first time in recent memory. I am impressed with the results and the entire process”

- Landon, Lawrenceville, GA, 27


Absolute Clarity

“ I never knew what the world looked like without glasses are contacts. Now I can see everything clearly. No more squinting to see distant objects and no more worrying about where my glasses or contacts are. ”

- Kathryn, Alpharetta, GA, 24