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Lasik FAQ


Do I need an eye examination before Lasik surgery?

Yes, your local surgeon will need to schedule an initial appointment to examine your eyes and determine if you are a candidate for Lasik surgery. Enter your zip code in the search field at the top of this page to locate your local Lasik specialist.


Can Lasik surgery help if I have suffer from astigmatism?

You will need to consult with your local eye surgeon to determine if Lasik surgery is appropriate for your individual case. In some cases, Lasik surgery will correct your astigmatism but this will vary depending on the condition of your eyes. Your local specialist can determine your candidacy at your initial examination.


Will both my eyes be operated on at the same time or will I need a visit for each eye?

Most patients prefer to have Lasik surgery performed on both eyes in the same visit. While doing each eye at separate times in an option, this will be more time consuming and may present additional discomfort if one eye is corrected and the other is not. Your doctor can provide you with a recommendation based upon your specific condition.


What is wavefront-guided Lasik surgery?

Wavefront-guided Lasik surgery is different from conventional Lasik surgery and is commonly referred to as " custom " Lasik surgery. Special devices are used to get a very good blueprint of your eyes and their unique aberrations. The data used from these measurements is then used to correct your eyes. Standard Lasik surgery typically relies upon the same information used to determine your eyeglass or contact prescription. While standard Lasik has fantastic results, customized or wavefront-guided Lasik can correct aberrations that may not be corrected through conventional Lasik surgery. You should consult with your local Lasik specialist to determine what type of Lasik is best for you.


At what age is Lasik surgery appropriate?

You should always consult with a qualified doctor before making any decisions regarding Lasik surgery. In general, Lasik surgery is not recommended to teenagers or other persons who have not stopped growing and whose eyes have stopped changing, which typically occurs in the early 20s or late teens. If you have the surgery before your eyes stop growing and changing, you may need the surgery again after your eyes stop changing. The FDA has not approved the procedure for persons under 18 years of age.

Persons entering their 40s are at risk to suffer from other degenerative eye conditions that may decrease the effectiveness of Lasik surgery. If you suffer have cataract problems, cataract surgery may correct your vision. Of course, only a doctor can determine whether Lasik surgery is age appropriate for you. You should immediately consult a local Lasik specialist to schedule an appointment to determine if Lasik surgery is right for you.


How much will Lasik surgery cost?

The cost of Lasik surgery will vary depending on the type of technology used and your individual needs. Universally Lasik prices are based upon costs per eye, so it is important to keep in mind that all prices you see will be for only one eye. If you want both eyes corrected, you should double the price quoted in advertisements. Please consult with your local Lasik specialist to determine prices in your area. We strive to provide you access to qualified specialists with excellent reputations and whose prices are reflective of your local market.


Why do different Lasik surgeons charge different prices?

We offer you access to Lasik surgeons and specialists that are highly recommended by their patients and who will deliver excellent service. When dealing with your eyes, you want a local doctor who cares about his or her reputation in the community and is not offering a "bargain" price that is set by a national corporation. You should be wary of any doctor offering these types of "bargain" prices, and make sure you read all the fine print to determine what services you are getting and what is and is not included in these lower than usual prices. For an excellent article regarding the current prices of Lasik surgery and how to avoid scams, is an excellent reference and their article in this regard can be found here.